Street Portraits: MILAN (€100 DEPOSIT)

Street Portraits: MILAN (€100 DEPOSIT)

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Why live in a city of 1 million people if you are not going to talk to any of them?

Fear of photographing strangers is a crippling yet common problem among photographers and can even dictate the trajectory of their career. In this intensive, yet fun, workshop, American large-format street photographer, Greg Miller, takes students into the streets of Milan to directly confront their fears and anxieties when approaching strangers. Instead of dwelling on, or dismissing, these fears, Miller uses his unique method for helping students get in touch with their deep inner purpose and use it to overcome their fears.

But getting up the nerve to speak to people is only half the battle. What do you do with them once you have them? Miller helps students slow down once they have the subject in front of them and get the picture he or she wants as efficiently as possible by communicating his or her desires. Additionally, this class addresses common topics that arise when photographing people on the street such as model consent, privacy and historical context.

All photographic formats are welcome.

Note: Deposit amount shows up here as $116 but depending on your home currency it will show up as €100. 

All are welcome, however workshop fee includes workshop only. Participants are responsible for any airfare, travel, accommodations or meals that they may need to be in attendance.

Location: Tupac Studio, Via Padova, 34, Milan, Italy
Date: July  21-22, 2018
Workshop Fee: €350 (€100 deposit due at sign up, 
€250 balance due on first day of workshop, July 21 (please arrive early for registration)

Early Bird Discount: €300 if you register before July 10! 

Limited to 12 participants
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Terms & Conditions

Accommodations and Travel

Workshop fee includes workshop only. Participants are responsible for any airfare, travel, accommodations or meals that they may need to participate. 

Reservations & Payments

A deposit as indicated is required in order to confirm your reservation in the workshop. Final payment is due on first day of workshop, July 21. Greg Miller Photography LLC reserves the right to cancel a reservation if full payment has not been received by the due date.

Responsibility & Photography

Greg Miller Photography LLC is committed to safe, ethical and sustainable workshops for participants as well as local community. To ensure a safe photographic experience, you are required to obey and observe local customs and to be considerate when photographing people or sensitive locations.